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Alice in Wonderland Charity Tea Cosy Challenge

Tina and the Teapot

Since last year the team around Tina Sharp was working with full force on the project « Tea Cosy Challenge ».
Squares have been knitted around the world and mailed or personally delivered to the Teapot. All the work to collect donations for the Great-Orment-Street-Hospital and for the L’Association Dominique in Toulouse.

Within the « Hot-Phase » the « Knitting Ladies » put the squares together to panels, which cost the ladies many hours at the Teapot or at there homes. A lot of things had to be put into consideration and needed to be organized.  Decoration, artisan marked, tables, chairs, installation, baking the cakes, sandwiches, advertising, etc. All hands full of work for Tina and her team.
Awesome how Rebecca kept the overview.

Moon         Coffee Stand


Star over the Teapot

Sunday morning, October 8th 2017 the day had come. It was a cold and damp but sunny morning when all the helpers arrived, the moon was still on the sky above SAS Stockloc.

The large marquees where already set up so it was to get the tables ready. And most important the Tea Cosy had to be put on in time so the Teapot would be covered by 13:00.






Tea Cosy 1st panel         Tea cosy


Almost done

Thanks to Sarah there was a far over the borders of the Magnoac well known cakes and cupcakes in an incredibly variety available.

Cake 1        Mega Muffin

She got help from Laura, Manon and Angie who carried everything from A to B what was needed to get the food ready in time. In the meantime the artisans made there stands ready our photo booth was ready and also the information material of the organizations was laid out.

At 13:00 the visitors came in and we had a wonderful day under the clear blue sky of the beautiful southwest of France at temperatures up to 25° C.

Overview         Teapot


Our photo set

There was something for everyone, games for the children, music, food and drinks, our photo booth and the music of Teri Lambie.

Teri         The band



Those who did not be there missed a marvelous event and now we are very curious what amount will be handed over to the organisations.

Thank’s to the Team Teapot and all the guests who are essential to make this event such a great success.

Team Teapot

We can only encourage everyone who was not in the Teapot before to come and enjoy some time like Alice in wonderland with tea, coffee and cake at this wonderful place.

See you in Castelnau Magnoac!

Tea in the Teapot

The panels are for sale, support the charity campaign. Contact Rebecca at SAS-Stockloc!

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